Public pact by candidates


Our candidates will also sign a Public Pact to serve the best interests of their community, that includes:

  • I promise to serve my electors before the interests of any party or organisation.
  • I will never vote for something that undermines the personal freedoms and rights of the people I serve and represent.
  • I will respect and fight for the right of every Australian citizen to freedom of speech, movement and religious belief.
  • I promise organised, perpetual and coordinated consultation with my constituents through Citizen Legislative Review Groups in which I will focus on the views of my constituents.
  • Except for supply bills, I will cast my vote with my conscience and best judgement in the best interests of the people I serve and represent.
  • I will never support legislation that unnecessarily coerces the People or divides them in any way.
  • I promise to personally serve and behave in a manner that reflects the expectations of the people I serve.