Disproportionate public health response

Both the Liberal and Labor parties have been increasingly shifting from the defence of human liberty towards totalitarian principles. Initial signs of such approaches were evident in the past but now, since March 2020, the Police State, curfews, and mass imprisonment of Australians within the international border have brought us to the brink of totalitarianism.

The mental and physical crisis precipitated by these events requires all able-bodied men and women who are able to fight for liberty, to rise ad to come together.

It is not as if this situation has not caught the attention of very senior political leaders.

  • On 8 December 2020 Tony Abbott said that: “the year we’ve just lived through … has been corrosive of the human spirit, destructive of human liberty and disastrous for prosperity. Absolutely catastrophic. Now, again every death is sad but an illness which claims people at about the same age they can be expected to die anyway, is not something that we should have turned the world upside down over”[1].
  • On 19 February 2020 Alexander Downer said to Janet Albretchen in The Australian: “There will be no end of partisan blaming — the Liberals did it, or Labor did it” and that “I am absolutely convinced (that) the greatest danger for Australia is to keep pursuing this elimination strategy and, in the end, cause the collapse of the economy, massive social dislocation, depression, educational setbacks, and the collapse of small businesses left, right and centre”.

However, it has not mattered to the political leadership of Australia (either at the national or state level) that human rights have been subverted. There is a sense of satisfaction that they have somehow “protected” the community from the biggest pandemic since the human species was created.

[1] https://www.facebook.com/teamaustralia21/posts/115417260602146

The mood in Australia has turned dark

This significant disconnect between what political parties and leaders are doing and the average Australian – particularly Australians who believe in reason and human rights – has grown wider over the months. A dark mood of fear, foreboding and even terror has best millions of Australians.

  • There is growing fear in many Australian communities about the impending collapse of rationality and possibly of the end of the Western civilization and freedom itself. People feel they are no longer being represented or listened to, and that elected members just follow the party lines and the demands or power brokers in deference to their constituents.
  • By the governments falsely claiming even today, after one year of abundant data that proves otherwise, that this pandemic is 80 to 100 times larger in magnitude than its reality, a vast proportion of the population has been driven into extreme stress and heightened fear levels. While purportedly looking after “public health”, governments have caused havoc with the mental and physical health of millions of Australians (reduced oxygen intake through masks outdoors, high adrenaline that erodes internal organs and affects the brain).
  • Josh Frydenberg appealed to Daniel Andrews on 20 October 2020 to ‘end lockdown torture’ but he conveniently forgot that it was Scott Morrison who had promised us all “very draconian measures in shutting down” on 23 March 2020. Dan Andrews was merely copying the orders of Morrison. But cruel politicians from both parties are benefiting politically from this hysteria, as we have seen with the Queensland and Western Australian polls. The actions of politicians from both sides do fit the definition of crimes against humanity through mass torture, even ignoring for a moment the other physical harms from these policies.
  • A vast number of concerned people in Australia have been made fearful by the toxic environment to express their views for fear of reprisal. Business leaders are concerned that vindictive government functionaries might cause them severe business consequences. They are caught between the Devil and the deep sea.
  • Doctors and other medical professionals are unable to perform their age-old Hippocratic oath out of fear of deregistration if they are seen to depart from the state narrative. A few doctors who have taken the risk to speak out have been ignored by governments as if they did not exist.[1]

Liberty and common sense were switched off abruptly in March 2020

People’s health is of paramount importance but it must be based on principles of good medical practice that include:

  • Openness and honesty
  • Humility and consultation
  • Collaboration and respect for people’s bodily autonomy
  • To always encourage with care, hope and reassurance
  • Never to provoke fear, panic or terror.

Lockdowns have never before been implemented in human history

Unfortunately, during the 2020 pandemic, the mainstream political parties have acted in a bipartisan manner to impose “public health” policies that have undermined Australia’s current and future national interests, our basic human rights and the physical and mental health of the people of Australia.

It is extremely concerning that none of the policies implemented in 2020 in Australia find mention either in the manifestos of the Liberal or Labor parties or in any officially approved pandemic plan. How could we possibly ape the policies of CCP, almost as if are all were employed by Xi Jinping?

The lockdowns are unequivocally the personal invention of Xi Jinping in January 2020. These are colossal and unprecedented medical experiments without the slightest scientific backing.

In the words of WHO chief of China, Dr Gauden Galea, on 24 January 2020: “trying to contain a city of 11 million people is new to science. The lockdown … is unprecedented in public health history”. He also said clearly that the lockdowns are “certainly not a recommendation the WHO has made”. Tedros Ghebreyesus of WHO said on 28 January 2020 that “China is setting a new standard for outbreak response”. It was clearly a “new standard”, an untested standard.

The panic and hysteria created by CCP

In March 2020, a clamour arose among the people – frightened by images in the social and regular media of the “effects” of covid – to be ‘led to safety’. Our intelligence agencies collapsed and failed not warn us that the videos pouring out from CCP from 24 January 2020 onwards were all orchestrated, many by obviously amateur actors who dramatically over-acted as “covid patients”.[3]

In this wave of panic, the safeguards that normally prevent terrible and illegal policies from being taken were overwhelmed. While the people went on binge to buy heaps of toilet paper, the governments (both Labor and Liberal) embraced experimental policies that are in direct breach of section 5 of the Biosecurity Act.

Refusal by governments to analyse true risks

In imposing these policies, the major parties have purportedly relied upon chief health officers the machinery of government that includes many other specialisations that routinely provide alternative perspectives to help governments arrive at a balanced policy. For instance, the Victorian Guide to Regulation notes that “It is not possible for governments to provide a completely ‘risk free’ society, or to prevent every possible event that might cause harm”. Further “The direct and indirect costs imposed by regulatory approaches may not be … immediately obvious. Risk regulation that is poorly targeted or costly will divert resources from other priorities”.

Governments are required to conduct a thorough assessment of the risks including through a cost-benefit test, in order to avoid disproportionate focus on any single issue. The worst part of the situation is that both the Liberal and Labor governments have not relented despite significant alternative advice from elected representatives like Craig Kelly and public servant Sanjeev Sabhlok who sacrificed his livelihood to speak out.

In the end the buck must stop with the Liberal Party, that is the ruling party at the national level. Instead of acting as a brake on reckless adventurism by premiers like Daniel Andrews, Scott Morrison has added fuel to the fire and supported the shutting down of Australia’s borders in addition to supporting harsh and disproportionate, untargeted measures by the States. He has also sabotaged debate on possible remedies for this virus, and not cracked down on Big Tech’s pharma-industry fuelled censorship of honest discussion on social media.

This was NEVER a once-in-hundred years pandemic

When the cool light of reason is shone on this pandemic, it is clear that this was never a very severe one, let alone a “once-in-hundred years” event. The COVID-19 Pandemic plan for the Victorian Health Sector (published on 10 March 2020[4]) stated (correctly) that “COVID-19 is assessed as being of moderate clinical severity”. The data at the end of the year are even more conclusive, to confirm this has been a relatively modest pandemic.

Source: PANDA institute, March 2020

We have cancelled liberty and human rights while dealing with what has been known to every diligent analyst to be a mildly significant pandemic, 50-100 times less severe than the Spanish flu. But even if this had been the Spanish flu, none of the draconian measures implemented in Australia would have been justified[5].

The corollary to this is that the vaccine program that is being rolled out should also be risk-based, and not recklessly imposed on all sections of the population. We know that the risk of dying from this virus is high among the elderly and virtually non-existent among the young. The following chart, taken from Australia’s own data, confirm this trend that has been observed globally and was known from mid-February 2020.

Source: https://www.health.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/2021/03/coronavirus-covid-19-at-a-glance-14-march-2021_0.pdf

Vaccine clinical trial without fully informed consent of the people

Health Minister Greg Hunt has stated on 20 February 2021 that “the world is engaged in the largest clinical trial; the largest global vaccination trial ever”. This is correct. We only have emergency use authorisation for the vaccines. This means they must be used only for a serious or life-threatening illness where it is reasonable to believe that the vaccine is effective and its benefits outweigh any risks, and when there are no adequate approved, alternative medical countermeasures.

The primary endpoint for these vaccine trials has been PCR-confirmed symptomatic covid-19. Many experts believe that these studies should have examined whether the vaccine prevents frail elderly people from dying, something also not possible to determine from the studies given their small sample size in this age cohort. Neither do we have any detailed analysis of the risks and benefits of the vaccines for different age groups. Such data will only emerge from post-market studies.

The vaccines should perhaps be considered by those over 75 or by those with significant co-morbidities. At all times, though, individual freedom and choice must prevail. It is definitely inappropriate for governments to ask people to take the experimental vaccine for the sake of others. Anthony Albanese has asked us to “Do it for Australia”. Many of us take the flu shot to protect our own personal health. Any benefits to Australia are incidental. That is the nature of the choice that must be provided to everyone for the covid experimental vaccines, as well.

The buck stops with the big political parties

It is unfortunately necessary to conclude that the actions of various leaders have been cruel. They have actively worked against the interests of the people. And the buck stops with them. They cannot blame chief health officers for the harms they have caused.

Given the ongoing bipartisan support for the destruction of human rights in Australia, political resistance needs to be organised to both the Liberal and Labor parties.

All attempts to get the big parties to see reason have failed. Despite being a long-standing member of the Liberal Party, Craig Kelly was unable to speak freely on a range of what the government and media call “controversial” issues but which are fundamentally important to discuss in a democracy. But governments do not have any monopoly to the truth. This principle has been known for thousands of years. Instead, it is important to empower the trained and qualified experts in different fields to form their own judgement. It is unclear why raising such an obvious point is considered controversial in a free society.

Further, the point of having the Liberal Party is to allow a range of opinions to be voiced. That role has been rejected by the party, forcing Craig Kelly to resign.

People like Sanjeev Sabhlok came to Australia 20 years ago and worked to support the laws of Australia which he believes are the best in the world. But governments have so badly collapsed he has been forced to resign and write a book on the Great Hysteria and the Broken State. He voted for the Labor Party in the 2018 state elections but is now being forced to enter politics to fight the Labor Party – with this new party being possibly the only option now left to fight for his personal liberty and dignity as a human being.

The Liberal Party has abdicated its role as the defender of liberty

The support by the Liberal Party for draconian measures during 2020 and 2021 perhaps falls into a pattern that has emerged over the decade after John Howard’s departure. The Liberal Party has become Labor lite on virtually every issue. It has moved significantly outside the scope of the original Menzies platform – a platform based on a focus on the average Australian, on small business and other individual enterprise, and liberty.

While the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has long had the opportunity to move into the space vacated by the Liberal Party, it seems their strategy is to remain on the fringe of politics and public debate. A few other smaller political parties have attempted in a piecemeal manner to fight for individual policies from the classical liberal perspective but none has sought to take over the space abdicated by the Liberal Party. This party is clear in its goal – as the true defender of liberty and the true successor of the effectively dead Liberal Party.

The Labor Party has abdicated its role as a defender of workers and the disempowered

We need to replace not only the Liberal Party but also the Labor Party that has drifted far away from its historical role in protecting a robust welfare state and the wellbeing of the working class (though we, as party, consider them to be battlers and aspirational citizens and would not use the pejorative term “class”). Instead, Labor (and more so the Greens) are fighting culture wars represented by bourgeois socialists with no connection to low-income earners.

[1] https://www.covidmedicalnetwork.com/about-covid-medical-network/declaration-statement.aspx

[2] In the 1970s ex-liberal Don Chip established the Australian Representatives who became the major cross-bench balance of power party in federal and state parliaments from a platform of ‘Keep the Bastard’s Honest’.

[3] E.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5snuA13xS_0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyCDH3bZ5WI

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